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Ever wished for something to brighten your day? 

 Tired of not knowing what to get for that special event?

Wish for something special to share with a friend?





This month’s special

A Grammy's Donut... approximately 6 inches in diameter. Eat one by yourself or share with a friend.

...has the real flavor of old-fashioned homemade donuts fresh from Grammy's kitchen. handcrafted from scratch just like Grammy did it.  You will get your own special edition. 

How To Find Us

1. Click on  
2.  Click the date on the calendar to show the location.
3.  Drive to our location for the day and get your donut.

Everyone needs a touch of true love!

What's the secret to a great donut?

We will show God's love to customers by serving them the best donuts we can because everyone deserves a touch of love.

Customer Comments

I bought a couple dozen for the office and I made everyone's Friday.  

                                          Joe R.

These donuts are fabulous!  They are also huge.                                       Joyce W.

These are honest old fashioned doughnuts that are amazing.  Highly recommend!                   Ryan D.

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