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DoNut 4get Yer Neighbor

Do you have a neighbor that is struggling because of loosing their job due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Do you have a neighbor who is elderly and facing depression from having to be shut in?

Do you wish to be a blessing to someone in the above situations but you don't know someone personally?

DoNut 4get Yer Neighbor will bring all three of the above situations together if we pull together as a community.

How does it work?

1.  Someone will donate cash to the "DoNut 4get Yer Neighbor" fund. (There will be a donation box available on our donut trailer.)

2.  Someone who knows of a person in need will come to our location and say, "I have a neighbor that I 'donut' want to forget."

3.  Grammy's Old-Fashioned Donuts will supply one donut per person of the household that is in need.

4.  You will take the donuts and deliver them to your neighbor in need.

Every $2 that gets donated to "DoNut 4get Yer Neighbor" will supply one donut for a needy neighbor.

This program is totally based on trust and integrity. We can't help those in need without your help in finding and meeting the needs.  Together we can show the world that real neighbors still exist.  If you have questions, call James @ 503-913-3772.

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